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Orbital Shaking Incubators

RIS - 24 BL, CIS - 24 BL
Orbital shaking incubators are specifically designed to have combined advantage of closely controlled incubation/storage-temperatures with orbital shaking necessary for many laboratory procedures such as tissue cultures, fermentation studies, enzyme reactions, controlled Incubation and aging tests, growth studies etc. Incubator Shaker model CIS-24 BL incorporates hermetically sealed compressor housed below the incubator to provide temperatures below ambient.

Brushless Induction drive motor with frequency drive makes the unit suitable for continuous non-stop operation. Stepless electronic frequency control ensures gentle start and maintains preset speed. Compact counter balanced drive mechanism ensures high stability and reliability even in continuous operation & uneven load distribution.


Salient Features:

Inner Chamber S.S. 304 & Outer chamber M.S. powder coated with Plexi glass inner door

Variable speed from 20 RPM to 250 RPM

Digital display of speed with preset facility

Shaking amplitude 25 mm

Universal Platform to accommodate interchangeable clamps of assorted sizes for different capacity of flasks. ( maximum capacity) 100 ml x 40 flasks,150 ml x 34 flasks, 250ml x 23 flasks, 500 ml x 16 flasks, 1000 ml x 9 flasks)

Automatic restart at preset speed in case of power failure

Digital Display Temperature Controller

Optional Accessories:
• Chamber illumination with fluorescent or Ultra Violet Lamps
• 0-24 Hrs. Cyclic timer for illumination control
Technical Data


Chamber Volume (Litres)

Max shaking Capacity

Platform Size

External Dimensions
W x D x H (cm)

Range (Accuracy)

Recommended Voltage Stabilizer



9 litres

18" x 20"

70 x 78 x 125

5ºC to 60º C (±0.5ºC)




9 litres

18" x 20"

63 x 68 x 60

5ºC above ambient
to 60ºC (±0.5ºC)


Supply: 220-240 Votts 50 Hz Single Phase.